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  • Why Do Beekeepers Use Suits?

    Why Do Beekeepers Use Suits?

    Beekeepers usually wear suits made of cotton fabric with a fine mesh veil to keep bees away from their head. This protects them from stings while also making it easier to see the bees without being stung by them. White suits are preferred for beekeeping as they reflect light better and don’t absorb heat from…

  • What Do Beekeepers Spray on Bees?

    What Do Beekeepers Spray on Bees?

    There are a few different things that beekeepers spray on bees. The most common method is a smoke spray, but sugar water can also be used. Smoke pacifies bees by masking their alarm pheromones. This makes it easier for beekeepers to carry out inspections without being stung or attacked by the bees. Smoker Smoking has…

  • Places Where Beekeepers Work

    Places Where Beekeepers Work

    Beekeepers build and clean hives, induct wild swarms, split colonies, collect honey, and ensure the overall health of the hive. The average beekeeper manages a few hundred hives, and their responsibilities vary depending on the climate. They also work long hours, especially during peak seasons like spring and summer when the bees are most active.…