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  • What Do Beekeepers Feed Their Bees?

    What Do Beekeepers Feed Their Bees?

    Bees require a varied and complex diet. This can be provided through honey and pollen that they collect, or through a sugar syrup, which can also include protein supplements, to encourage brood rearing. Some beekeepers will feed their bees when their hive is short of honey or to assist in specific situations. These are often…

  • Places Where Beekeepers Work

    Places Where Beekeepers Work

    Beekeepers build and clean hives, induct wild swarms, split colonies, collect honey, and ensure the overall health of the hive. The average beekeeper manages a few hundred hives, and their responsibilities vary depending on the climate. They also work long hours, especially during peak seasons like spring and summer when the bees are most active.…